Sunday, June 30, 2013


For more than 2000 years of Chinese medicine recommends the use of ginger to help cure and prevent some health problems. It is known to promote the circulation of energy within the body while favorably increasing the rate of metabolism in the body.

-The foremost reason for which I started taking ginger is this. It aids in

digestion by improving the absorption and assimilation of the essential nutrients. It helps in enhancing the mucus secretion in stomach thus preventing the ulcers to occur. Take a small section of ginger and slice it finely into long, thin pieces. Squeeze lemon on it and take it with the first 3 bites of your chapatti. I promise it will work for constipation sufferers and for weight watchers too .

-We females experience loads of problem during our menstrual cycle. It has been proved scientifically that medicinal properties of ginger are helpful in treating these. Take some ginger in any form esp. with green tea on the first day of your cycle and see the amazing difference girls!

-Studies have proved that ginger is beneficial for treating morning sickness, sea sickness, nausea feeling after some operation or chemotherapy.

Amazing no! Ginger should be named as wonder food as it has all the benefits hidden in it. Whether you use it in dry or powdered form, with tea or in tadka, anything and everything is beneficial when it comes to ginger. Taken in small amount on everyday basis can make you free from many diseases and problems. So why not start it from today itself?

-Ginger oil is a blessing for old people who have complaint of arthritis. Just massage the joints with ginger oil and make your grandparents free of pain. You can add the oil in water bucket and have bath with that water. The medicinal property of ginger which helps in reducing inflammation is known to prove beneficial for arthritis.

-The scorching heat of summer triggers this unbearable headache in few people. Just apply ginger paste on the forehead and leave it for some time. The ginger is known to inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins which cause pain. Thus it helps in reducing the inflammation and pain in the blood vessels thereby treating migraine pain.

-I know sometimes when our digestive system is not working properly, or we had a heavy dinner, the problem of flatulence prevails which makes us feel more uncomfortable in front of others. To avoid this just have some ginger either with green tea or ginger ale and see the miracle!

-Ginger has the property of enhancing the mucus secretion whether in stomach or in throat. It helps in inhibiting the airway contraction thus being useful for asthma patients. Not the least but it is also known for curing cough and soar throat. Mix some ginger powder with a spoon of honey and take it with warm water. It will cure your cough, cold, soar throat and even asthma attack.

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