Monday, June 24, 2013

Sport in our life

Sport is as old as the humanity itself. It has been developing with the developing and growth of the mankind.   Sport makes our bodies strong, quickens our reaction, and shapes the wits. It also prevents us from getting too fat, gives us so valuable practice in making eyes, brain and muscles work together and makes us more self-organized and better disciplined.
   Doing sports is the best way to keep fit. There is always a kind of sport which will suit you and there are many different kinds to choose from.
   Sport makes people healthy. No doubt, that's true, but frankly speaking one knows that there are some kinds of sport which you cannot go in for if you are not healthy enough. But it doesn't mean at all that people shouldn't go in for sports. I only want to say that they should be careful and remember that the health is given to a human being only once, so, do your best not to lose it.
   Known fact that a great number of teenagers are fond of sitting in front of computers, playing computer games and refusing to go for a walk.
   Recently it has been discovered that many pupils between the ages of twelve and sixteen and even over are not strong enough to do physical exercises, necessary in their life; they can’t run for long distances and many of them can’t swim. Young people, who join the army, are often not fit enough and they can’t serve in the army and fulfill their duty.
  Sport helps  to keep fit.
  Sometimes it is very difficult to find time for going in for sports regularly.
  But “where there’s a will, there’s a way».

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