Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crochet bracelet with heart button

Materials used:
- embroidery floss (1 ½ floss for one bracelet). I used the Red Color System from Wholeport.
- crochet hook size 1 or the Sharp Crochet Hook
- one heart button. I used the lovely Heart shaped wooden charm pendant from Wholeport.
- clasps
- sewing needle to sew in the ends.

Stitches, terms and abbreviations used:
- ch: chain
- dc: double crochet

- shell: 7 double crochet into same stitch
- sl st: slip stitch

Bracelet Pattern:
1) With embroidery floss chain 4.
2) Into 4th. chain from hook make a shell of 7dc.
3) Ch3 and slip stitch into same stitch as the shell made.
4) Ch3 again
5) Turn your work from left to right, clockwise.
Around the ch3 bar made in the step 3, make a shell of 7 dc, then chain 3 and slip stitch into same stitch as the second shell made.
6) Repeat step 4-5 until you reach to the 10th. shell. Make the 10th. shell, chain 3, but don't slip stitch yet.
We will incorporate the button on the go.

 Note: If you want to sew the button after the bracelet is done, skip the next steps and continue the bracelet until you have a total of 20 shells (10 on each side) for a women size, or 16 shells (8 on each side) for a little girl.

Work tight!
1. Insert hook into button.
2. Catch loop from behind and pull through the button to the front.
3. Release the yarn from hook.
4. Insert hook from behind the button, catch the loop and pull it through the back.
5. You have 2 loops on hook. Slip stitch one loop through another.
6. Slip stitch into the stitch at the base of the last shell made.

After the button it's incorporated, make 10 shell more.
 Cut yarn. Fasten off. Weave in the loose ends.
Put clasps in the ends of the bracelet.

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